In need of new ideas

or fresh perspective?


The Propellerhead Think Tank- We Enable Change


The Propellerhead Think Tank’s mission is to further and foster a culture of experimentation within Finnish NGO’s working in the social welfare and health sectors. Are you in need of new ideas or a fresh perspective? Do you want to try out your ideas in practice? Don’t go it alone! Join us, the Propellerheads! Our team is filled to the brim with different kinds of expertise and will give you the tools necessary to bring about impactful change. Our areas of particular expertise are service design, as well as monitoring and measurement of performance and impact. We also develop digital solutions to this end for the benefit of organisations tackling societal challenges. Get in touch and take the plunge toward change!


Propellerheads is a Project by Kukunori NGO, funded by STEA, Funding Centre For Social Welfare and Health Organizations.

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